Beach Findings

I first started making sea strings and the boxed pieces five or six years ago. They happened simply as a result of my inveterate beachcombing, which has been one of my greatest pleasures since I was a child.

They are virtually all made with objects I’ve found on the beach: in ninety nine percent of cases the hole I use for the stringing a sea string is already there, though I have recently begun to drill out the occasional fossil or piece of metal.

Once in a while I’ll add in an objet trouvé that I’ve found in the street or on the banks of the Thames. Occasionally I’ll use some tiny thing from a charity shop or flea market. I enjoy the business of re-cycling, of making something that I find interesting or beautiful from objects which have been discarded by people and distressed by wind and sea.

Like everybody, I am drawn to natural objects like stones, shells or fossils. The sea strings are designed to be worn or to be hung in the house as decorative object - preferably both.

In Scandinavia holey stones are often given as a token of friendship or love. They call them ‘Kissing stones’ and in some parts of Scotland people call them ‘Witchey stones.’ For me they simply hold a certain mystery and fascination; on top of that, the fact that some of the fossils I find on the beach are three hundred and fifty million years old is inexplicably magical.

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